UNSC Eion Light Carrier

Historian's Note

The story of the Eion class light carrier grows out of the Insurrectionist era and the Colonial Military Authority’s desperation for carriers to patrol the outer colonies. With the Navy’s aging carrier force stretched thin and showing flaws in their designs, it was clear a more modern light duty carrier was needed. Manufactured in the early to mid 2500s, the Eion class was a unique production run being built by both SinoViet and Reyes Mclees shipyards, a rarity for larger sized vessel which was usually produced by one firm or the other. Armed with a standard light MAC and a modest array of missiles and point defense systems, The Eion had the tonnage of the cruisers while retaining the versatility of a carrier in a compact hull that was often criticized as cramped by its flight crews. For the UNSC and CMA the light carriers provided crucial support with squadrons of Broadsword and Longswords in both defensive and offensive operations deep in insurrectionist territory. 

When the Human-Covenant war kicked off the Eion formed a critical part of UNSC battle groups, supplementing the heavy carriers or flagships with much needed support in the face of overwhelming waves of Covenant small craft. Sometimes they would be flagships for smaller fleets if an Orion class or Epoch was unavailable.  As the war dragged on, the light carriers proved valuable enough to preserve their numbers and were slowly pulled back to the inner world fleets where their numbers would be systematically decimated in various large scale actions. The only named ship of the class; UNSC Musashi, was destroyed in action over Reach in 2552.

The post-war years saw a fair number of the class remaining in inventory where they would return to their pre-war duties of rooting out insurrection on intact colonies paving the way for UEG recolonization efforts. While the type is slated to be replaced in service by more modern ships, the current state of the UNSC’s inventory means they will continue to patrol the galaxy for the foreseeable future.

Builder's Note

The Eion was conceived as a Light carrier to accent the USNC style of warfare. 

This “budget Epoch” is a Medium element that provides Carrier Action 1, with a decent amount of Hangars despite its Build rating, making it a great companion to Regular battlegroups and overwhelm enemy small craft in the Wing Phase.

Designed as a BR 2 Medium Capital Element at a reasonable Point cost, it could make standard battlegroups of dedicated carriers with a higher speed and footprint than those of the Epoch, the dedicated Large Carrier of the UNSC fleet. It also has the full suite of escorts so USNC Commanders can choose the right Element for their fleet.

Several rounds of designs took place to tweak the Eion to not invalidate other Elements, like the Epoch or the Cyclops Specialist Battle Group, such as arming it with Light MACs and to make sure it was not a competitor to the Marathon as a ship of the line, as well as a higher speed in order to make it able to claim Objectives should the needs arises.

We are excited to see what canny USNC Commanders will do with this new Element.

UNSC Supported Eion Light Carrier