Fleetmaster's Note

The Ester pattern armored frigate is a vessel rarely seen by Human eyes and thus little is known about it. Believed to have been designed during the third age of Discovery, the Covenant armored frigate was most commonly used as a patrol for second line and backwater systems within the Covenant sphere of influence. When it was finally encountered by humanity it quickly earned a fearsome reputation due to its armament and low profile making it harder to hit. The Covenant considered it to be a very average ship at best but the UNSC grew to fear its Plasma Lance, which was very high caliber for a ship its size. This enabled it to partake in long range attacks alongside Battlecruisers while other escort types like the Ceudar pattern had to close to torpedo range. The Ester was given the designation CAR class frigate. Its weaponry and armor made it more than a match for the UNSC Halberd class destroyer and fully capable of taking on several UNSC frigates simultaneously. During the later years of the Human-Covenant war many of these ships came under Jiralhanae command and eventually were used against the Senghelli during the Great Schism. During the Schism and post covenant years these frigates were highly prized by warlords for their firepower. Often they acted as substitutes for Battlecruisers so the precious few Ket patterns available could be preserved.

Covenant Armored Frigate


Ship Builder's Note

The CAR Armored Frigate rounds out the Covenant choices for a small escort Element.

While the ADP Escort provides dedicated Plasma Torpedo support, and the SDV is the great all-arounder, the CAR provides Lance dice support to improve the Covenant performance at long range. In addition, it provides a boost to the Plasma Cannon Arrays for those times when the range closes.

Several iterations were put to the test but ultimately the BR 1, Oblique formation (meant as an offensive option instead of the more balanced Line Formation) proved the most successful during testing.

With a BR of 1, the CAR can support ships of the line equipped with Plasma Lances while remaining balanced in durability, cost and role. No doubt the CAR will be fielded by innovative Covenant Fleetmasters to give their fleets more Long Range options.